Thursday, December 21, 2017

How to Swap HTMLCOIN from Yobit

*** You can Buy - Trade the new HTMLCOIN on Bluetrade here - ***

Please select the following options:
Option A: Yobit to Swap Form (10 minutes)
1. swap HTML5 (OLD COINS) from Yobit to the swap form located here:
-make sure to download the new wallet to store your new coins, located here:
Option B: TradeSatoshi (20 minutes)
1. open an account at TradeSatoshi
2. send HTML5 (OLD COINS) to Tradesatoshi
3. swap HTML5 (OLD COINS) to the swap form located here:
Option C: Old HTML5 WALLET (24 hours or more, if the first time to download the old wallet)
1. Download html5 wallets located here:
2. open old HTML5 wallet
3. get old HTML5 wallet address (receiving)
In your Yobit account
4. send your HTML5 to your OLD client wallet address, that you just downloaded
5. swap HTML5 (OLD COINS) to the swap form located here:
Please note well:
Some antivirus software will complain that this download is a virus, but don’t worry — it’s a false positive. You can scan the file with 45 antivirus programs on

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